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Friday, June 22, 2012

Coping with Parkinson's as an eternal teenager

Welcome all to my nth blog. I think I have become a serial blogger. This one is very personal and will reveal a lot me. I don't want to do this because I am such a narcissist that I want everyone to see how fabulously interesting I am. Nor do I want to gaze at myself in the mirror and wonder at the marvel of my existence. I merely want to explore the social side of living with Parkinson's as a 'young' person.
I was diagnosed about 8 or so yeas ago and am now 56. During that time I have cared for a sick husband, grieved when my husband died, kept a small business going, raised a daughter who is currently 16 and  recently started a new relationship with a younger man.

My years of caring for a sick husband, then coping with his death may have delayed  my 'mid-life' crisis which is possibly what I am experiencing now. My daughter is becoming independent and revving up to leave home, my Parkinson's is advancing (albeit very slowly), I am in love with a man who forces me to question everything but I am scared about the future while at the same time realising that it is today I must enjoy.

All sound familiar. I'm sure that there a millions of you feeling the same, especially the baby boomers and their philosophy of eternal youth. (How many still play "Talking about my Generation'?!!!!

So as my hand tremors over the keys and my right hand takes a long time to 'right click' I would like this blog to be a venue for sharing how to keep partying well into your 50's and cope with Parkinson's.

Ther are questions of dealing with work and work colleagues, communicating with children, having a fulfilling sex life and having the confidence to do the things you want to do.

There are also questions of organising your life, finances, living arangements to be prepared for the eventuality that the condition will get worrse. Of course there is the drugs and medications issue and the most important one for me is exercise and preventing further degeneration.

I'll be posting links to chat groups, support groups, the latest research, where to get help and most importantly stories on how to ermain a good time, living, breathing funster with Parkinson's.