I can see clearly now


Thursday, May 14, 2015

OMG Paleo and Parkinson's again!

Well it's 2 years down the track and I'm back on the Paleo diet after of course not getting anywhere with it last time. However, it's crunch time. When I first was diagnosed with Parkinson's I had the idea of 5 year plans. Unfortunately my darling husband up and died in the middle of my plans and threw me into total confusion. Doggedly I started the idea again after he died and decided to wait until my daughter finished school, then sell the family home, rent at a beachside suburb until I bought a 2 bedroom flat close to the beach so I could roll out of bed and swim. It all went to plan but the sale, and 2 subsequent moves along with bringing up my teenage daughter and attempting a relationship with a much younger man finally took it's toll. I moved into the new place and sank down on the couch with a great sigh and shouted to the world "I did it."

I really couldn't believe the effort I had made. My body knew what an effort it was and it was suffering.

I was overweight, totally exhausted, depressed, drinking too much, smoking too much dope, eating rubbish but pretending all was ok.

I kept blaming my Sifrol meds for my obsessive behaviour towards my 'friend', My daughter hated him but the ssex was good and basically I didn't have the energy to do it all again. He loves me  and I love him but we are not meant to be together - friends yes but not lovers. We are now trying to salvage a friendship and he is genuinely concerned about my welfare but is not in a situation to be of any real help.
Enough was enough - I couldn't face my profile walking passed shop windows anymore so for two weeks now it has been no grains, dairy and hardly any sugars (except in the glasses of wine that I can't seem to give up yet).

The latest research about Parkinson's indicates that the disease may begin in the gastrointestinal tract and the old 'leaky gut' may be the cause of the inflammation somehow or other of the brain so what better way to start controlling this monster than diet.

Well apart from tonight when sleep evades me my sleeping has improved, energy levels are great, I don't wake up feeling like I want to die, the inflammation in my arm and hand has gone down and woo hoo I've lost nearly 3 kgs in less than 2 weeks.

I'm attacking it from all sides and the new 5 year plan is to reduce my meds. I am reading The Brain's Way of Healing by Norman Doidge who is coming to town ( got tickets of course) and inspired by the man who has walked away his Parkinson's symptoms.

I am working only 2 days a week and walking to work, learning the ukelele and to keep dementia at bay, going on little holidays and working out what my next 5 year plan is going to be. My next song I've chosen for the uke is "I can see clearly now"